A Spring Cocktail

Spring was big one for us, it saw the first issue of our new quarterly magazine come to life. Within the pages of The Seasonal, we were lucky enough to chatter, photograph and work with many interesting and clever people and brands. Two of those were Rogue Society Gin and All Good. They teamed up to dream up a spring cocktail recipe to share with you all. It’s called The Black Rogue.

In case you haven’t tried it, Rogue Society premium dry gin is smooth and snappish with dominating orange peel, deep spice and juniper. I love it with tonic or soda, because it has an intense, beautiful flavour all of its own. Those vibrant top notes work beautifully with citrus, especially lemon and All Good’s blackcurrant, made with 30% blackcurrant grown organically in Pleasant Point on the Canterbury Plains.

This cocktail is easy to make, and to enjoy. We know because we did both on the photo shoot. It was rough.


30ml Rogue Society Gin
15ml Fresh lemon juice
A handful of fresh spring berries
A large sprig of fresh Basil
All Good & Sparkling Blackcurrant

Add all ingredients in a tall glass, fill with ice and top with the All Good’s BlackCurrant. Lightly clap the basil in your hands to create a spring aroma. Garnish with a couple of fresh bright berries & an edible flower.

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This content appeared as part of The Seasonal SPRING 2015 Issue #01 thanks to the support of Rogue Society and All Good.