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Billy T 2015 // Nic Sampson

11th April 2015

“…often I’ll think something’s funny and no one else will but I’ll keep forcing it upon them.”

Billy T 2015 // Eli Matthewson

11th April 2015

I’ve got some really embarrassing stories of stuff that happened to me when I was by myself in my room…”

Billy T 2015 // Tim Batt

11th April 2015

“You can get away with anything as long as you know that that’s what you’re doing.”

Billy T 2015 // Hamish Parkinson

11th April 2015

“This is quite a dark turn for the conversation to take, I was about to bring up the graves under the highways that we forgot about.”

Rose Matafeo

11th August 2015

To celebrate the return of Finally Dead, Rose offers wisdom from beyond the grave

Victoria Abbott

1st December 2015

Victoria Abbott, actor and star of Jesus Christ Part II

Billy T Nominee // David Correos

15th March 2016

“Start with an inspiring weightlifting documentary, end with this surreal, fat, Filipino dude that straps knives to his head.”

Comedy Guide // Week One

19th April 2016

The funniest festival of the year is upon us! Here are our top picks for week one.

Comedy R&R // James Acaster

25th April 2016

“…the laughs are only one part of it, it’s this overall sense of being taken for a ride that stays with you.”