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Michael Hurst

11th February 2015

The God Father of the Auckland theatre scene

Lyall Hakaria

11th February 2015

Fashion designer, father, professional party-thrower.

Summer Shakespeare

11th February 2015

Amber-Rose Henshall and Arlo Gibson, stars of A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Todd Emerson

11th March 2015

Actor and star of acclaimed Kiwi cabaret, Daffodils

Thomas Monckton

11th April 2015

Actor, performer, clown and star of The Pianist

Abraham Kunin

11th September 2015

Musician and Bullet Heart Club collaborator

Victoria Abbott

1st December 2015

Victoria Abbott, actor and star of Jesus Christ Part II

Oh hi there // Virginia Frankovich

26th February 2016

A theatre-maker who’s created a play called CAR, which unfolds in a vehicle on the streets of Auckland with an audience of just six people.

Tell Me More // Marama

2nd March 2016

“Where the trees are torn down for profit the cultural roots that link us to the land are ripped out and violence of all kinds prevails.”

Tell Me More // Te Pō

9th March 2016

Director Ben Crowder talks about his latest work, already labelled a ‘masterpiece’ be reviewers.