Coffee and adventure

The deceptively simple AeroPress was invented in 2005 by Alan Adler, the creator of the Aerobie throwing ring. This clever, durable and portable coffee maker has since gained a dedicated following of both coffee professionals and travel lovers. It’s light, compact and easy to use, which means I never have to go without a good brew this summer.

The AeroPress’ ingenious brewing action completely immerses the coffee, like a plunger, while adding light pressure, like an espresso machine, resulting in a cup with full, nuanced flavours and delicate aromatic oils. A combination of optimum water temperature and gentle air pressure creates a rich flavour with less acidity and bitterness. Total-immersion brewing results in an even extraction across the coffee’s full surface area

I’ve owned my  AeroPress for about a month now, and I absolutely love how easy and fast it is to use, it’s the perfect summer holiday accessory. I’m embarking on a month of hiking, road-trips, baches, camping and exploring around the North Island in December, and I’m taking my AeroPress and my Kokako Aotea blend along for the ride. Follow my adventures on instagram @gatherandhuntnz, add your own experiences using #coffeeandadventure.

Kokako’s Aeropress Summer Holiday Pack makes a dream gift for summer-loving adventurers. Check them out at

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This content appeared as part of The Seasonal SPRING 2015 Issue #01 thanks to the support of our friends at Kokako Organic Coffee.