Comedy R&R // Brendon Green

It was a full house at Brendon Green’s show on Sunday night. He asked us if we were certain we were all in the right place. I can’t speak for the rest of the audience, but I was there because Brendon Green has won me over with his clever writing and affable delivery for four years running. His style of comedy is honest and self-aware and very easy to enjoy.

Green’s shows always feel like a shared journey and his latest, Eggs & Ham, is no different. This year we went searching for the secret to happiness in everyday life. Imagine funny, silly, anecdotes peppered with life advice. Imagine a comedian taking the piss out of Pinterest quotes in a show that is technically filled with them. When Brendon Green says cheesy things, they’re somehow not annoying, they’re occasionally profound and sweet and true. This is a show where the audience says “awwwww” as often as it erupts with laughter. This is also a show where socially responsible commentary is interspersed with dick jokes.

It was the first time I’d seen Green take his material to some truly dark places. He risked the loss of his audience, but the pay-off when he brought us back on side was so much bigger and better than it ever had been before. Eggs and Ham heralded the return of Green’s guitar – for the first time in a couple of years – and that made me nervous because I’ve always struggled to get on board with musical comedy. This was golden. At times, it was a sing along, and it felt like a cross between a comedy show and group therapy. In Eggs & Ham, the laughs got louder and the call-backs got better and better as the show progressed, to the point that I was sad to see its end.

Brendon Green is a slightly dorky, very likable comedian, but I don’t keep going back just because he’s a nice guy. I turn up again and again because he never fails to deliver quality laughs within the frame of a show that’s as clever as it is silly as it is true.

Brendon Green’s Eggs & Ham is playing at MonteCristo from 23 April – 14 May. Get tickets here >>

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