ARK Coffee Company


Shop 6, 461 Lake Road
(09) 489 8488


Monday - Friday
7am - 3: 30pm
8am - 3: 30pm

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ARK Coffee Company is a beautiful, spacious coffee roastery and gallery at one end of an unlikely arcade on Lake Road. It’s a narrow arcade, with tiny little shops in it, and then you walk into the shining white space that is ARK and find yourself surrounded by beautiful art and the incredible smell of roasting coffee beans. This specialty coffee company was founded by sisters, Naomi and Ulala Nakuma.

Ulala Nakuma learned the art of coffee in the midst Japan’s thriving specialty scene, she’s particularly interested in origins, and the story of each bean from berry to cup. At ARK, Naomi and Ulala are interested in building reciprocal and respectful relationships with coffee growers in remote parts of the world, and that care and respect can be seen in every cup of ARK coffee.

The roastery is also an art gallery. Naomi Nakuma’s, calming, atmospheric works generally cover the walls, although there is the occasional exhibition by other local artists too. With the vintage speakers playing classical music and the beautiful, old roaster that stands proudly in the centre of the space, ARK Coffee is both peaceful and inspiring.