Goodness Gracious


2A New North Road
Eden Terrace
(09) 368 5800


Monday - Friday
7.30am - 4pm
8am - 4pm
8am - 3pm


Goodness Gracious is a cafe and bagelry, it says so just above the door. So before I’d even stepped inside, I had a pretty fair idea of what I was going to find. The best thing about it, though, is that this place has much more to offer than just coffee and bagels. It’s a pocket-sized surprise.

Set slightly back from busy New North Road, everything about the space is cool and crisp, but approachable. The coffee machine greets you at the door, which gives it a transient, takeaway feeling. It doesn’t have to be a lunch on the run spot if you don’t want it to be though. Sure you can rush back to the office, bagel in hand, but you can also lounge out the front on long communal tables, or settle indoors and watch the hustle and bustle in the narrow galley kitchen.

The menu is surprisingly substantial for such a small space, with a great selection of juices and fresh smoothies. Try the salted caramel and peanut butter, which is not as unhealthy as it sounds – filled with goodness like almond milk, dates, banana and peanut butter. Our other eternal favourites, Karma Cola, Gingerella and Lemmy are also available.

The bagels at Goodness Gracious are traditional New York-style; dense and delicious. They’re lightly grilled and filled so generously that eating them is a challenge. The vege bagel with avocado, tomato, haloumi, tabasco, rocket, aioli and tomato pesto is great – each element was fresh and colourful, the combination of them all together was even better. The other options are equally as appetising, particularly the brekkie bagel with bacon and eggs, and the bagel burger with a meat pattie and tasty cheese. Unsurprisingly, the menu consists mostly of filled bagels, but you can get other things here, like muesli, fruit and made-to-order salads.

You get the sense that owner Greg Cornes is keen to create an atmosphere that makes you want to stay a while. Each item on the menu is plated beautifully should you choose to sit in. It’s a top cafe and lunch spot, with the appearance of lunch-on-the-run, but the reality of relaxation and goodness.