Jess’ Underground Kitchen


203 Jervois Rd
Herne Bay
(09) 378 7711


Monday - Friday
7am - 7pm

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It’s been more than three years since Jess Daniell turned her love for making wholesome meals for busy friends into a career. Nowadays Jess provides a rotating menu of delicious dinners to her loyal followers five days a week, she has released a cookbook, and she caters at weddings and events. Now she also has her own space, a light and luminous deli on Jervois Rd with rows of freezers filled with meals to take home, and a cabinet of fresh salads and sandwiches.

This is Jess’ commercial kitchen and pick-up hub, where JUK customers can collect their dinner every evening, or pop in for meal inspiration. With the new space comes an expanded offering, lunch specials every day, salads packed with super foods in the cabinet, fresh pastries and plates piled high with sliced brownie on the counter top, and Atomic coffee dispensed through a sweet window that opens right out onto the street.

The deli is also a boutique food store with products from beloved local artisans including The Caker and Poppy and Olive. There is fresh bread from Paneton and drinks by those lovely folk at All Good. JUK is a dispensary of local, hearty, wholesome goodness, and in keeping with the JUK vibe, Jess and her team are all just so nice, already becoming pals with the locals when I stop by to visit on their very first day. I left with a freshly made and freshly toasted Ruben sandwich that much-improved by Monday mood. You can tell when food is made with good intentions, don’t you think?

Having access to JUK all day is the best and most dangerous news. Lucky Herne Bay.