Little and Friday


43 Eversleigh Road
(09) 489 8527


Monday - Sunday
8am - 3.30pm


The original Little & Friday can be found on a quiet residential street on the North Shore, it’s a gorgeous cafe that’s been putting smiles on faces for so long that it was forced to expand to no less than four other locations across town to keep up with demand. The story is that owner Kim Evans used to open her little bakery on Fridays only, but reputation for her cakes and donuts spread so fast that she the little grew to big and the Friday, to 24/7.

The most spectacular thing about Little & Friday Belmont is the display case filled with cakes. It still takes my breath away every time, and I love to watch the look on the faces of first time visitors – the emotions displayed oscillate between pure glee and unexpected emotion.

I have always had a soft spot for the lemon and coconut cake, and, of course, the donuts. L&F donuts are so famous that the demand always outstrips to the supply. The original, raspberry couli with creme patissier, is probably the first and last baked good that has made me tear up. Kim has since added chilli chocolate and banana caramel to her repertoire.

In 2014, Kim welcomed Chef Sophie Beck, from River Cafe in London, to her team. The result of which is both Ponsonby and Belmont stores have a made-to-order menu as well, with delicious, hearty dishes like homemade crumpets and agria potato rosti.

You can trust that everything that comes out of a Little & Friday kitchen will be the stuff of dreams, that’s just how Kim Evan’s mind works, and Auckland is so much the better for it.