The Street Food Collective


Lot 3, 130 Ponsonby Rd


Monday - Sunday
11am - late

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I think this is the most genius idea and it makes me happy to think that it exists in Auckland. We all have our favourite food trucks and market vendors, but you were out of luck if you wanted to find them more regularly, particularly in winter. The Street Food Collective is a space – a sunny courtyard with outdoor heaters, permanent stalls, and a full service bar – where the very best mobile food vendors in the city can pop up each week. I say only the best because the line-up is exceptional and curated by the owners of Miss Moonshine (who started in markets too), here is a list of some of the delights that can sometimes be found here:

Waffle Supreme: the home of traditional chewy, sweet Belgian Liege waffles topped with all sorts of good things. You can read more about what we think about Waffle Supreme here.

The Lucky Taco: Arguably the most famous and celebrated food truck in Auckland, this taco joint is run by Sarah and Otis Frizzell and it’s an empire in the making. They’ve turned their famous horchata into Nice Blocks and you can even purchase their famous range of hot sauces in supermarkets across the country. Impressive and delicious.

Blue Frog: I didn’t realise this until I tried Blue Frog for the first time, but it seems I had no understanding of how good muesli could be until now. It’s all gluten free and paleo too, if you’re that way inclined.

Judge Bao: Fluffy, traditional bao with incredibly tasty fillings like fried chicken and pork belly, served with a side of taro chips or a slaw or seasonal salad. You can read all about the pair behind Judge Bao here.

Brooklyn Dogs: The only Laneway Festival food purchase I made this year was a Brooklyn Dog and it was a great choice. These young dog makers source the best sausages and buns to create the dream version of America’s favourite fast food treat.

The Pie Piper: In continuing the American theme, the Pie Piper is the home of sweet pies in Auckland. From cherry to salted caramel apple to rocky road, these pies can and will take you to another place.

The Bearded Clam: Makers of classic, perfect burgers made with demi-brioche buns and free range meat.

There are many more on the list, and many more sure to be added. The best way to keep up with what’s happening at the Street Food Collective is look at their website for a schedule and a list of vendors. Or just turn up and expect a surprise.