Affinity at Aotea Square

Dates // Times

Tuesday 6 Sep // 18:00
Wednesday 7 Sep // 17:00
Thursday 8 Sep // 17:00
Friday 9 Sep // 17:00
Saturday 10 Sep // 17:00
Sunday 11 Sep // 17:00
Monday 12 Sep // 17:00
Tuesday 13 Sep // 17:00
Wednesday 14 Sep // 17:00
Thursday 15 Sep // 17:00
Friday 16 Sep // 17:00
Saturday 17 Sep // 17:00
Sunday 18 Sep // 17:00
Monday 19 Sep // 17:00
Tuesday 20 Sep // 17:00
Wednesday 21 Sep // 17:00


Aotea Square


(09) 309 2677


A massive, interactive light sculpture will irradiate Aotea Square in Auckland from Tuesday 6 September until Thursday 22 September offering locals of all ages a chance to discover, learn and enjoy. Affinity depicts the dazzling complexity and connectivity of the human brain while exploring the effects of dementia.

Spreading 13m by 13m and looming at 3.5m tall, this web of interconnected orbs represent neurons in the brain. When stimulated by touch, the orbs setup a striking display of sound and light, representing the rapid-fire transmission of messages between neurons. Sounds and personal stories of New Zealanders impacted by dementia resonate from the orbs, offering an intimate view into the world of those affected.

Best viewed from dusk, the installation transitions through the night from an angelic white canvas to a deep purple, representing dementia and the significant effects the disease has on our thoughts and memories. This issue touches many Kiwis, with an estimated 60,000 people living with dementia in New Zealand

Amigo and Amigo design team Simone Chua and Renzo B. Larriviere of Australia created Affinity with the aim of encouraging discussion and understanding around dementia. The team worked with technology group S1T2, and structural and electric engineers to complete this creation which uses 400 metres of LED strip lights.

Auckland Live has partnered with Alzheimers NZ on this initiative for World Alzheimer’s Month in September.

Affinity will light from 5pm-11pm daily, and entry is FREE