Alliance Francaise French Film Festival

Dates // Times

Thursday 25 Feb // ALL DAY
Tuesday 1 Mar // ALL DAY
Wednesday 2 Mar // ALL DAY
Thursday 3 Mar // ALL DAY
Friday 4 Mar // ALL DAY
Saturday 5 Mar // ALL DAY
Sunday 6 Mar // ALL DAY
Monday 7 Mar // ALL DAY
Tuesday 8 Mar // ALL DAY
Wednesday 9 Mar // ALL DAY
Thursday 10 Mar // ALL DAY
Friday 11 Mar // ALL DAY
Saturday 12 Mar // ALL DAY
Sunday 13 Mar // ALL DAY

One of the largest and fastest-growing festivals of French film outside of France, the Alliance French Film Festival offers a diverse showcase of the best French language films from the past year.

The Festival unfolds over three weeks, from 25 February-13 March at Rialto Cinema in Newmarket and Berkely Cinema in Takapuna.

There is so much on offer. Here are a few picks:

Valley of Love, in which Gerard Depardieu plays a bereaved father who travels to Death Valley at the behest of his long dead son, and finds his ex-wife received the same mysterious summons.

Lolo, a romantic comedy about a summer fling turned serious relationship that would be going smoothly if it weren’t for a petulant teenage son. The film is the latest from actor and director Julia Delpy, who also stars.

Mediterranea, a topical tale about two men from Burkina Faso who travel to Europe to make a better lives for themselves and their families. It’s a tale about survival and humanity that’s so relevant in today’s weird and oft-depressing world.

Belle & Sebastian: The Adventure Continues, a French version of Lassie, this is the tale of a boy and his dog searching for their friend Angelina, who has gone missing. It’s set in a small village at the end of the second world war, and it’s the sequel to the 2014 runaway hit.

April and the Extraordinary World, an award-winning animated feature about a dystopian future where scientists have mysteriously disappeared for decades and society is stagnating. The plot follows on April (Marion Cotillard), the daughter of two missing scientists, who carries on their research in secret.

This is just a few, check out the full programme here.