Milky Bits

Dates // Times

Tuesday 14 Jun // 20:00
Wednesday 15 Jun // 20:00
Thursday 16 Jun // 20:00
Friday 17 Jun // 20:00
Saturday 18 Jun // 20:00


Lower Greys Ave
(09) 309 7433


Chris Parker, Hayley Sproull and Leon Wadham join forces for an explosive exploration of the modern condition.

Combining sketch, theatre, party and nightmare, Milky Bits is a wild ride through a catalogue of excruciatingly human experiences. Our ferociously attractive heroes face unwelcome handshakes, hideous retail jobs, regrettable intercourse, mottephobia, two-day sleep binges, ominous beach metaphors, guided meditation and the Scientology Celebrity Centre as they try to make it in this doggy-dog world. It’s hideous, hysterical and it’s probably happened to you.

Breakneck, provocative, physical comedy, Milky Bits turns everyday anxieties into a hilarious, unpredictable and thrilling pageant of millennial terror.

Milky Bits is playing at The Basement from 14-18 June. Get tickets >>