Pop-Up Sauna

Dates // Times

Friday 5 Aug // ALL DAY
Saturday 6 Aug // ALL DAY
Sunday 7 Aug // ALL DAY
Monday 8 Aug // ALL DAY
Tuesday 9 Aug // ALL DAY
Wednesday 10 Aug // ALL DAY
Thursday 11 Aug // ALL DAY
Friday 12 Aug // ALL DAY
Saturday 13 Aug // ALL DAY
Sunday 14 Aug // ALL DAY
Monday 15 Aug // ALL DAY
Tuesday 16 Aug // ALL DAY
Wednesday 17 Aug // ALL DAY
Thursday 18 Aug // ALL DAY
Friday 19 Aug // ALL DAY
Saturday 20 Aug // ALL DAY
Sunday 21 Aug // ALL DAY
Monday 22 Aug // ALL DAY
Tuesday 23 Aug // ALL DAY
Wednesday 24 Aug // ALL DAY
Thursday 25 Aug // ALL DAY
Friday 26 Aug // ALL DAY

After an awesome month on the Wellington waterfront, the pop-up sauna is coming north so Aucklanders can experience it! It pops up on our waterfrom 4-26 August.

Who would have thought a converted shipping container would be the perfect place to spend time
with friends, relax after a long day, and warm up after a chilly 
plunge into the sea. Kick back and warm up at the NZ Pop-Up
 Sauna on the Auckland waterfront this winter!

The NZ Pop-Up Sauna is located by the tidal steps on Karanga Plaza,
 right by the Wynyard Crossing Bridge. The sauna seats 15 and has a 
large window allowing you to take in views of the sea as you relax. They provide changing stalls, drinking water, and an outdoor shower. Bring
your togs, a towel, and $10 ($5 unwaged) and check out this exciting
 pop-up event unlike anything Auckland has seen before.

Head to
 nzpopupsauna.com for more information.

4 – 9 PM Weekdays
Noon – 9 PM Weekends
Karanga Plaza, Wynyard Quarter
$10 ($5 Unwaged), Togs, and a Towel