The Experiment

Dates // Times

Friday 22 Jul // 18:00
Saturday 23 Jul // 18:00

There’s lots going on in Auckland these days, but a whole collective of artists coming together to create something weird for two nights in a cavernous space off a main rd – that’s something special.

This is third edition of The Experiment, in previous years it’s been hosted by The Basement, but the event has expanded to larger premises this year – Galatos just off K Rd. Last time I visited I watched the magical Blackbird Ensemble and got my car towed, which is funny because The Blackbird Ensemble are playing next Wednesday at The Crystal Palace and should also not be missed. Also, take note, don’t drive to Galatos, take a bike or something. There are only private carparks from which you will most likely get towed from by a jolly fellow who might give you a ride to his car in his tow truck.

But I digress, back to The Experiment. This is an arts and music festival created by Monster Valley. The geniuses who are behind lots of awesome things happening in the city, including most events at The Crystal Palace. The Experiment is a mash up of visual art, performance, live music, street art, theatre and dance, and plenty of our vibrant creative community are coming together to form some weird partnerships and forge some strange collaborations. It’s all about challenging the artists to push their own boundaries.

Here are the facts, straight from the horses mouth:

• A two night immersive multidisciplinary arts festival taking over all three floors of the Galatos
• A different schedule of performances, exhibitions and installations for each night
• Artists will be experimenting with innovative new work and collaborations created to debut at The
• A lineup of Auckland’s finest artists and musicians that includes Yoko-Zuna, Weird
Together, Cat Ruka, Tourettes, SoccerPractise, Pretty Asian Theatre, Disco Bloodbath, Anthonie
Tonnon, Siobhan Leilani, Saturnian Noise Collective, The Naenae Express, Two Productions
Theatre, Jahra Rager, Joanne Hobern, Nisha Madhan and Town Centre Theatre, and whole lot
• The diverse lineup includes dance, live music, live street art, performance artists, interactive and
immersive installations, visual arts exhibitions and more.

The truth is, what’s going to happen at The Experiment in this weekend will never ever happen again, so you should probably not miss it.

Tickets for the whole weekend are $35. You can get them here.

Pictured, a work by Gledhill, Marlow and Press.