In Season // Asparagus

Asparagus is one of those ingredients that you can only get for a short time, so I really look forward to it coming into season. It tastes best when it’s super fresh.

Before cooking, bend the asparagus until the woody end snaps off right at the perfect point. I don’t peel asparagus; I just use a small knife to nip off the triangle leaves. Once cooked, the skin is really flavoursome and not too fibrous.

The flavour of asparagus is so unique, you shouldn’t mask it with too many big flavours. Serve it blanched, either with a glug of quality olive oil, fresh herbs and some flaky salt and black pepper, or with good-quality butter. Simple is best. There’s a reason asparagus with poached eggs and parmesan is such a classic – it’s easily one of my favourite meals!

Right now on the menu at The Roving Marrow I’m serving asparagus tossed through a dill-infused oil, with about 5g of lardo for that added creaminess and richness. I’m finishing the dish with a teaspoon of beurre noisette and a heap of shaved macadamia – the light nuttiness alongside the savoury toffee flavour of the butter is the perfect match for asparagus.