Sarah Finnigan Walsh

We first met Sarah Finnigan Walsh last year when she gamely agreed to an evening of dinner and dancing with a stranger as part of Alice Makes a Match. These days she’s put her creativity and passion to good use by starting a monthly live story-telling series called The Watercooler. Each month, the event features five different personalities telling stories live that are inspired by a theme, tonight it’s “no animals were harmed in the making of.”

I’m an artist but I’m also a scientist. While I don’t believe these two are contradictory, many people do. I think they are perfect together.

My day usually begins with West Wing. Truly. Every morning for the past few weeks I just sit myself in front of the TV with a black coffee and West Wing The Complete Series on DVD. I think Sarah Lehman has a nice ring to it. And the day ends with me falling asleep texting my sister in London. I usually wake up to 3-4 messages from her that I missed in my sleep.

Tell us something we’d be surprised to know about you.
I lived in Quebec, Canada in 2003-2004 and finished high school there. When I was there I joined the gridiron team; padding, helmet, touch downs and all. I loved it.

Pick a book and a park you’d like to read it in, anywhere in the world.
I would pick the Kew Royal Botanical Gardens in London. I could just lie in there all day and read the “Best American Magazine Writing” series piece meal. If you haven’t read at least one of these I really do recommend them. (I’d drag my sister along too cause she lives there and it’s been too long.

Tell us a little bit about The Watercooler and how it came to be.
Well a while ago I approached Elise at The Basement and said “I want to do this, can it happen?” And in true Elise form she said “why not?” So I sat myself down decided what I wanted, then started finding collaborators. I’ve pulled together a pretty great team of people to help me with this and we are so excited about where it’s going.

What’s the best thing you’ve heard/witnessed at a Watercooler event thus far?
Oh man, so many. Witnessing Romain do the best Old-Japanese-Man accent and posture i’ve ever seen and watching people squirm when watching our host Oliver tell his futuristic love (porn) story.

If everyone in the world had a theme song that played whenever they entered a room, what would yours be and why?
This was super hard to answer. But I settled on Robyn ‘Dancing on My Own’ cause I do just want to dance all night and I can’t imagine anyone not being super happy to hear this song when ever I enter a room. Everyone wants to hear this song all the time.

In keeping with the animal-friendly theme of the next Watercooler, what’s your favourite Youtube clip with an animal in it?
Ok so according to YouTube this is 5 years old and according to me it is still funny. Dramatic Gopher. I’ll try to recreate it sometimes; always a hilarious moment.

If you could go back in time what year would you travel to and why?
You know what I loved, 2013, and I think I’m going to love 2014. But going back one year seems like a waste. So if I could I’d go to 1977 and be friends with my Mum when she was 10. I bet she was fun and super cool (dorky cool).

What’s your life motto/mantra?
My Poppa use to say “What is for you won’t go past you” and I sometimes say it to myself and to friends who need to hear it. It works wonders when things don’t go the way you planned them.

The Watercooler is on tonight at the Basement Theatre. The theme is “no animals were harmed in the making of”. Entry is Koha, and it starts at 9pm. Make it a double bill and stick around for Snort straight after.