The Seasonal #02 // SUMMER

My favourite things about summer are mornings and evenings, both so long and golden and filled with bird song. I cannot wait for sleep-ins and late nights, BBQs, beaches and sun hats.

I know that it’s something of a tradition for Aucklanders to make their way out of town for the holidays, but if you are sticking around, the second issue of The Seasonal is filled with wonderful ways to fill your days.

Given that we’re heading into Festival season, it has a decidedly musical focus. We also asked our friends to tell us about their local markets, featured three incredible, creative Aucklanders doing impressive things, and documented Wanaka’s best kept seasonal secrets. I’m so proud of this second issue, it’s colourful and fun, just like summer.


2015 has been a big year for gather & hunt, we released this issue just one week after the went live, and now we’ve launched an entirely new, refreshed online space for you to play in.

Take a look around, get lost, discover something new. That’s what we built it for.

Happy Holidays!

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