The Seasonal // SPRING

Spring has always been my favourite season. I love its hopeful sights and sounds, I love catching the scent of wild jasmine as I walk down the street.

We called our magazine The Seasonal because the quirks of the seasons are so particular to time and place, and, at heart, that’s what Gather & Hunt is about too: the quirks, secrets and surprises of the here and now.

In our maiden issue, Jemma Field is your guide to Auckland Artweek and Francis McWhannell learns what’s different about the city’s newest gallery. Kimberley Davis chats to insta-famous nail artist Tanya Barlow, and Joel Herbert jumps back in time to learn about the strange history of the Saint James Theatre. Wellingtonian Beth Brash offers a series of starting points for a perfect adventure in the capital, because exploring further afield is just as important as playing in your own backyard. The back of this magazine contains a pull-out map and scavenger hunt to help you discover Late Night Art on the 13th of October . . . and that’s just the beginning. There is so much more to discover in these pages. We’ve poured our hearts into them.

It’s no easy feat, starting a magazine. This one would not have happened without the enthusiasm, dedication and talent of two wonderful women: Kimberley Davis and Amane Cárdenas.

It’s equally true that The Seasonal wouldn’t exist without the support of our sponsors. They took a leap of faith on something they could only imagine, and we’ll never forget it.


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