Victoria Abbott

Earlier this year, there was a week in which I saw four plays and they were all wonderful. Victoria Abbott was in my favourite one, an experimental meta-play called All Your Wants and Needs Fulfilled Forever. She was so good. Then, Christmas came, and I heard she was appearing in The Basement’s annual Christmas show and I went all CAPS LOCK. Fan girl. Here is what she has to say for herself.

I’m a cheeky sh*t but I’m also a deeply concerned human.

My day usually begins with wishing I was back in that one year when I was a morning person (2013) and ends with scrabbling about with too many blankets and pillows in search of optimum bed comfort.

Name your three favourite places in Auckland to eat, drink and play
Eat: L’Oeuf/Chinoiserie
Drink: House parties. Apparently they’re dying out.
Play: Where friends are.

Tell us something we’d be surprised to know about you
I sometimes go full feral. I can’t give you my examples, you’d be horrified, but it delights me to know when I have to be a lady what I’m capable of.

Pick a book and a park you’d like to read it in, anywhere in the world.
The Natural Way of Things by Charlotte Wood. This is such an insanely good book! Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona.

Tell us a little bit about The Basement Christmas Show and how you came to be involved.
Oli (director) saw a show I was in called All Your Wants and Needs and asked me to audition. I sent him a very weird 7 minute musical love story called ‘Janine hearts Dave’ that I filmed on my iPhone in a kitchen in Perth. The show is stupidly fun! It’s this crazy journey, an actor arrives on the night having never seen the show, the set, anything! And it’s our job to get them through the whole show as the main character. Plus, it’s a full musical. It’s great to see repeat audiences already, because each night is so different depending on our Jesus. The character.

What is your most loved and most hated thing about Christmas? 
Love: Watching the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice for the 15th time, relaxing with family, my Gran’s boozy trifle.
Hate: The awkward downtime when everyone is tired/drunk/bored/asleep. I like Xmas to be all killer no filler.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received, and/or been given?
Probably a handmade driftwood mobile that two friends surprised me with on a birthday during my acne-ridden teenage years.

What is your favourite childhood Christmas film? 
BBC’s Pride and Prejudice for sure.

If everyone in the world had a theme song that played when they walked into a room, what would yours be and why?
I would genuinely love it if it was In the Hall of the Mountain King. I just did a workshop for Peer Gynt and it is my jam.

Victoria Abbott performs in JESUS CHRIST PART II at Basement Theatre, on now until 19th December. For more information visit