Comedy R&R // Alice Brine

Alice Brine is so hilarious, funnier than even she seems to realise.  There were a few moments during her show when the whole audience was in paroxysms of laughter and she couldn’t figure out why, assuming something was happening in the crowd that she couldn’t see. Then she’d realise and ask, “Oh… did I say something funny?” Yes, Alice. You nailed it.

A first time Billy T Nominee and relative unknown in Auckland, Brine’s show, Brinestorm, is predominantly about her experiences suffering from ADHD. She has a wonderful ability to make fun of herself in a way that doesn’t feel too self-deprecating. Brine presents herself as bit of a fuck-up, and her show is filled with stories about awkward situations she’s found herself in. For the most part, these are situations many of us have experience with: passive aggressive flat arguments, awkward one night stands, having to return to the house at least twice after leaving because you’ve forgotten something. In Alice’s hands, each of these become ridiculous, and her dry yet expressive, very energetic delivery of these tales results in plenty of satisfying explosions of laughter from the audience.

I bloody loved this show, my last in the three weeks of back-to-back comedy. It’s got to be one of my favourites. Her hour flashed by, I was a bit sorry when it was over, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she walks away with that yellow towel on Sunday night.

Brinestorm is playing at the Basement until May 14th. Get tickets >>

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