Comedy R&R // Guy Montgomery

I think I’ve said this before, but I’m sure Guy Montgomery must be at least a little bit mad. I can’t tell if he plans anything, or just makes it up as he goes along. I can’t tell if he forces himself into the most awkward situation imaginable, just to see if he can wriggle his way out of it. That’s what his new show feels like. It’s a Christmas show – Guy MontgoMerry Christmas! I can imagine him thinking up the pun months ago when he was applying for the NZICF, writing it down, and then, many months later, sitting down to make a show that fit the title.

Guy spends the entire show naked except for a pair nude tights and a sock. One sock. Not on his foot. He gives the audience gifts, he asks someone to make eggnog and then drinks it. He brings out a series of “Christmas experts” – including a talking Christmas Tree, and Christmas Carol herself. They sing, they dance, they yell at the audience. It is insane and hilarious.

We did an interview with Guy recently where he told us a couple of things that I think have informed this show, 1. he received a review last year that said once you’ve seen one of his shows you don’t need to see another, because they’re all the same. 2. when he first started in stand up, he used to try to make everyone in the audience laugh, he would zero in on the people who weren’t laughing and try to break them, and then he realised he couldn’t do it, it was impossible, and so he started paying more attention to the people who were already laughing. So now he comes back, all guns firing, with the most niche and bizarre version of himself that you can imagine, in a show quite unlike anything he’s done before.

Guy MontgoMerry Christmas is so good, but I say that knowing it’s exactly the kind of comedy that I like. Absurd, ridiculous, high energy, intelligent. It’s not for everyone, but I think it’s worth going just in case it’s for you.

Guy MontgoMerry Christmas! is playing until the May 14. Get tickets here >>

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