Comedy R&R // Nic Sampson

There’s no small amount of pressure on Nic Sampson, as the head writer of Jono & Ben, to write a decent comedy show. I had high expectations, I always do, and he never disappoints. The first thing I remembered about Sampson as he walked on stage to a full house last night, is that he’s really bloody likable. Stand up is not always relaxing to watch – sometimes my tummy is tied up in knots from the stress of it – but with Nic, I’m calm because he is so obviously the boss of the stage.

Nic Sampson has Falled Down a Well is a perfect snapshot of Sampson’s unique style, combining storytelling with social observation and meandering absurdity. The frame of the show is the most absurd thing: this year he’s doing comedy from the bottom of a well, and while this is at first just silly, it becomes truly ridiculous – almost Guy Montgomery-level ridiculous – as the show progresses.

Before his relatively straight forward stand up set descends, literally, into a bizarre, hilarious character sketch in a well, it’s so great. He has a way of turning social observations into stories and characters that reveal the deeply funny side of being alive. In this show, even more so than in previous years, I felt Sampson fully unleashed his weird imagination on the audience, with such excellent results. We ended up in some very strange situations with Benedict Cumberbatch.

Fallen Down a Well is such a fun, silly hour – exactly the kind of show I love to see at the Comedy Festival. Don’t miss it.

Nic Sampson Has Fallen Down a Well is playing at The Basement, 10-14 May. Get tickets >>

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