Burger Burger


The Lane
Ponsonby Central


7 days
12pm - late


I have a friend who loathes gourmet burgers. She says they’re just too big to eat, plus she hates red onions. I once heard a story about this particular friend raging on the streets of Queenstown early one morning when the world famous Fergburger failed to impress her.

I know for a fact that she would love Burger Burger, because the collaboration between Mimi Gilmour and Adrian Chilton (previously of Jam cafe in Takapuna, spot him in our video) has resulted in gourmet burgers that are perfect in their simplicity. There’s nothing fancy about this place or its food, and that is exactly what I loved so much about it. Everyone knows that a good burger is one of the world’s ultimate comfort foods, and at Burger Burger, they’ve perfected them through the use of quality ingredients, not giant burger buns.

The menu is short and sweet. You choose your pattie – pork, vege, beef, chicken, lamb etc. and your burger is made fresh and served quickly. You can add additional ingredients, and sides as well, but the burgers are the intended stars of the show. I sampled/demolished the beef burger with added aged cheddar. The pattie was medium rare and incredibly tasty, with just the right amount of pickle, tomato jam and mayo to make the experience a transcendental one. I also had a nibble of the lamb burger my mum ordered. She had it with lettuce instead of a bun, which the Burger Burger folk call bunnuce. The lamb was tender and rich, with beet, mint yoghurt, and feta. Served in this way, between two lettuce wedges, you could easily convince yourself this was a hearty, nutritious meal. You wouldn’t be that far wrong either.

The shoe-pressed fries with aioli are a triumph of crisp, saltiness. The charred broccoli is just cooked and virtually swimming in garlic butter with toasted almonds scattered on top. The sodas are all handmade on site.

Burger Burger is cosy, with an open galley kitchen that takes up most of the space. Diners sit along the bar or at small tables, watching all the action as it happens. The music is loud and fun, and the art on the walls is equally loud and equally fun. Loud, simple, delicious, fun – that’s a recipe for a good night out – and I predict plenty of Aucklanders will be having those at Burger Burger.