Dear Jervois


234 Jervois Rd
Herne Bay


Monday - Friday
7am - 4pm
Saturday - Sunday
8am - 4pm


It’s a beautiful spot, perched on a corner of Jervois Road. We first met owner David Lee at his first cafe, Little King in Milford. Now he owns three. David says he fell in love with the space at Dear Jervois and it’s not hard to see why. The entrance is lofty and light, it bends into a spacious dining area with exposed walls that are painted a calming mint green. There’s a beautiful light-filled observatory at the back, separated from the rest of the space by a striking wall of glossy black tiles. There is so much space here, so many tables, and all of them are filled with chattering people. There are families, bearded and buttoned up types, people having a leisurely lunch at the bar with their noses buried in magazines. It’s welcoming, warm, friendly – a love letter to this area of Auckland.

The menu at Dear Jervois is lengthy and features gems like sage fried eggs or waffles with banana and bacon. There are healthy salads and less healthy burgers. I’ve sampled a little bit of everything. There is something surprising about each of the dishes here, something homemade and thoughtful which will make any visit a treat. The portion sizes are super generous so take an empty belly, particularly if you have a weakness for sweets.

The coffee here is Supreme, with quality beans lining the shelves in their shiny new bags. The freshly squeezed juices are a highlight too, and the super food smoothies are an essential addition in Herne Bay. Dear Jervois is a delight, as if David absorbed everything about the neighbourhood and reflected it back in one space, a gift for locals and visitors alike.