Good Day


3/78 Coates Avenue
(09) 529 5048


Monday - Saturday
7am - 3.30pm


It was bucketing down with rain on the first day we went to Good Day, but inside it was peaceful. There was a gentleman reading the paper and eating a bowl of bircher muesli, three people were huddled around a table having a meeting, a couple sat at out front with rain coats on, drinking coffees beneath the eaves. Behind the counter were owners Dan and Jacqui, so genuinely delighted to see us that it felt like meeting old friends.

We sat at a small table on gorgeous wooden stools. We noticed the walls were white as white and the bare light bulbs had filaments like the sun, so even though it was a decidedly gloomy morning, Good Day was a sunrise.

The menu was short, quick, simple, tasty. There was bircher muesli and bagels or toast with good things on top – like sardines with tomato, spring onions and horseradish, or beetroot relish with feta. There was a special chilli con carne on offer for those who needed warming up. We had baked eggs on bagels, still ever-so-slightly runny and vibrant when paired with tomato relish. We also ate the freshest smashed peas on five grain, they tasted of mint and smelled like my Gran’s kitchen window sill on a summer day.

Coffee Supreme was available in all the ways, including a daily delicious filter served in vintage Temuka mugs. The beverage list a roll call of our favourite local companies – karma cola, six barrel soda, cosset. The hum of conversation was gentle, Bruce Springsteen was playing over the speakers, and Dan and Jacqui seemed to know everyone who walked in the door.

My parting thought was that Good Day is definitely the kind of place that looks after its regulars, but the best thing about it is that you feel like a regular from the moment you walk in the door. Every now and then we come across a cafe that is friendly through and through, this is one of them.