Eden Noodles


105 Dominion Road
Mt Eden
(09) 630 1899


Monday - Saturday
11.30am - 10pm


This little red restaurant front is wedged on Dominion Rd between Target and that kooky faceted glass building that plays tricks with your eyes when you’re driving. I finally decided to venture out and discover it because I could feel a spring cold sneaking up on me, and I thought some chilli might frighten it away.

At Eden Noodles you’ll find Sichuan cuisine, which is from the province of the same name in South Western China. What this really means is that everything is quite liberally coated with chilli oil and garlic. They have fresh noodles here, and dumplings as well. You can have your noodles served just as they are or in a steaming broth – depending on your mood. Personally, I sometimes find soup quite stressful, so noodles without broth works well for me.

The menu is quite intimidating and meaty. There is a lot of offal; so expect to see tripe and liver and pig’s trotters and chicken giblets. You don’t have to order them though, you can have chicken and bean sprouts with your noodles, or slices of beef. There are also the ubiquitous dumplings to be found here – just in case you were worried. I ordered medium-sized noodles with medium spice. This cost me $7. I could not finish my bowl and that satisfying chilli tingle stayed on my lips for hours afterward. The meal led to the expected overwhelmed-by-chilli behaviour; eyes streaming, breathing through mouth, blowing nose, drinking glass upon glass of ineffectual water. I feel cleansed.

This is a narrow, steamy, galley of a restaurant, with a kitchen down one side where you can see the chef’s busily preparing your food. The staff are unhelpful without being unfriendly. There are about ten tables, not one seating more than four people – so don’t expect to come here with a large group. You should also note that it’s un-licensed. In fact, we should all count ourselves lucky that they do takeaways, otherwise we’d probably never get to experience the noodle-y goodness – Eden Noodles is a very very busy place.