12 Wyndham St
(09) 379 9939


Monday - Friday
7am - 3pm
8am - 3pm


The team at Misters live and breathe their healthy, happy, environmentally-friendly, low-waste ethos. Given this, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking the food might be dull, but you would be wrong, this is some of the tastiest, most interesting lunchtime food you can find in the city -the menu is affordable, fast, wholesome, and delicious. It’s a clever menu with clever portions that look delightful and taste great, regardless of whether you’re settling down next to the living wall in the bricked interior of Misters to eat, or rushing back to your desk to consume emails at the same rate as lunch. Don’t feel bad, we all do it.

Up until 11am, you can pop into Misters for housemade baked butter beans served with a free range poached egg, chorizo and gremolata, or stoneground buckwheat and chia seed griddle cakes with coconut yoghurt, blueberry compote and nut granola, or any of the other equally delicious sounding options. Potentially the best thing about these is that they all cost just $9.90 and are ready in minutes.

At lunch, you could make the same choice as me and get a rice don with tofu – served in the form of toasted sesame brown rice nori balls, cucumber ribbons, baby radish and shoots with a ponzu dressing, topped with crispy silken tofu. Perfectly apportioned, tasty, textured, and only $13.90. A lunch like that made me wish Misters was just a little bit closer to my office. Unsurprisingly, the most popular item on the menu at the moment is soft shell tacos filled with slow braised pulled pork, slaw and salsa picante. Of late, they’ve been offering “bowls” inspired by the cuisines of various cultures. These are delicious, and are also responsible for bringing me on board with the idea of carrot noodles.

If you’re in too much of a rush to consume solids, there is a lovely smoothie menu. Misters is the dream for those with special dietary requirements as well, the kitchen is entirely gluten and dairy free, and the menu is clearly marked with vegetarian, vegan and paleo options. Merito Espresso coffee is served with a range of nut milks – from hazelnut to almond.

It’s just a really cool, spacious, nice place. It doesn’t make a big deal about being good for you, because that’s as it should be.