Ponsonby Rd Bistro


165 Ponsonby Road
(09) 360 1611


Monday - Friday
12pm - late
4.30pm - late


This place always manages to transport me from the streets of Ponsonby to the sidewalks of Europe. It’s sleek and roomy inside, with a large central bar surrounded by cleanly dressed tables; crisp white napkins and sparkling glassware. There’s a simple, unstudied elegance to Ponsonby Road Bistro that makes me feel like a more elegant, together person.

Head chef Sarah Conway’s short, perfectly formed menu always manages to maintain the appearance of one that’s been thrown together from whatever was freshest at the market that morning. Considering it changes regularly, that’s not far from the truth. One day you might indulge in the creamiest of new season oysters, the next day you’ll be feasting on clams in an aromatic broth. Every dish I’ve ever tasted here has been a wonderful mix of flavour and texture, hearty and casual enough to relax you, but served with such flair that you can’t help but feel spoiled.

The front of house team is led by the award-winning, lovely Melissa Morrow, who always has the perfect recommendation or wine pairing for you. It’s not just the food and the ambience, but the staff that give you that special sense of being well-looked after and well fed. Ponsonby Rd Bistro is the restaurant every neighbourhood wishes it had, the kind of place that will stay there forever because it never puts a foot wrong.