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Some of you may have noticed that G&H has been a quiet this year. If you hadn’t noticed I guess I’ve just let the cat out of the bag, but anyway, here’s an update on why this beautiful platform has been having a nap.

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Hi! I’m Courteney, the founder of Gather & Hunt. I created it aged 26 with the help of my wonderful mum and my co-founder Allan. I had big dreams of creating a platform that would help people discover the magic of Auckland. My lofty dreams were not necessarily backed up by a whole lot of experience – in digital media or in business – but I was resourceful and determined and ready to learn.

God was there a lot to learn.

Not only that, but the media landscape itself was changing, in part because of platforms just like this one. The foundations this little business were built on were not solid, which mean it had to be very lean and very nimble.

Running G&H has been simultaneously the best and worst time of my life. I met the best people who became the greatest friends and mentors. I created things with those people that I remain deeply proud of. I learned so many new skills that I actually became quite good at this job, and the other jobs that spun off from it.

Last year, G&H turned five, an incredible milestone, and yet I didn’t feel so much proud as exhausted. Don’t get me wrong, I still 100% believed that Auckland, and cities generally, needed the champion of neighbourhood wisdom that gather & hunt had become. I still believed that G&H was the best digital platform Auckland had – the true map to the magic that’s right here.

BUT… my weariness meant I was no longer delivering something I was proud of. The content on G&H was doing just an okay job for its readers, for the small businesses it championed, and for me. I decided to take a break so that I could return with fresh eyes and make this thing even better than the vision I originally had for it.

This time away has been great. I’ve started a second business, The Jungle, producing digital content for great brands. I’ve been working with the awesome team at Techweek to create an epic nationwide festival of innovation in May 2018. I’m getting married! I got the cutest puppy in the world! I’ve also had some time to process what G&H has done well, what it’s done badly, and what it should do in the future.


I’m not rushing this so I won’t make promises about how and when things will change, but just know that they will, and it will be good for you and good for the people making great things happen in Auckland, and good for me!

In the meantime, G&H is going to go back to where it started in 2012 – a place for honest, personal, positive accounts of cool experiences to be had in Auckland. Things like the Blackbird Ensemble’s Bjork show, and streetARTdego. Sometimes it might get uncomfortably personal, like when I wrote about the loss of my incredible aunt.

As always, G&H isn’t just for me. If you would like to contribute an experience in written, video or photographic form, please send it my way and I’ll publish it if it feels right.

x Court