A Guide // Queen’s Birthday Weekend

It’s Friday afternoon and the awful traffic is already awful. The sun is shining, and it seems much more preferable to go somewhere for a drink instead of sitting in your car for hours on end, the last place anyone wants to be. Don’t do it. You don’t have to.

Here are some good places for a Friday drink

Apero // always. So excellent and so comforting that it feels like home, but better. Have a glass of Collet because it’s Friday.

Collet@apero (6 of 8)

mea culpa // a rotating list of stellar cocktails, a handsome irish barman and the last of the evening light.

Oaken // a lovely wine list and a tranquil fit out that makes it easy to ignore the rush hour traffic outside, aside from the sense of smugness you get from not being in it.

Cazador // it’s down Dominion Rd and it is a restaurant, but it has a great bar with a great wine list (and sherry!) and if you order a nan-e-bakshi you’re guaranteed to feel warm.

Here are some excellent things to do tonight

THEATRE // Daffodils, one of the most popular productions in recent years, is having one last massive showing at the Town Hall tonight before the cast and crew head off to Edinburgh and international fame and fortune. They’ve just released some more seats. Nab them here.

DANCING // Auckland has a brand new night club, called Impala, and tonight is its official opening. Owned by two DJs, this is arguably the city’s first international-quality club, and best of all, it’s also a freehouse, which means craft beer, interesting wines and beautiful cocktails. Check out the fit-out from Think+Shift… or just go along and dance dance dance baby.


Here are some super things to do over the weekend

QUEENS BIRTHDAY ON QUEENS WHARF // Saturday – Monday from 10am

Every year the folk from the Waterfront throw a little festival to celebrate Britishness. British food, British dancing, British tunes. There’s a market, there are carnival rides, there is high tea. Read all about it here.

A MONTH OF SUNDAYS AT HALLERTAU // Sunday 12pm – onwards

Live tunes from new local band Archie, as well as DJ Josh, plus delicious pub food alongside locally brewed beers in a glorious beer garden on a glorious sunny day. Make sure you book though! More info here.

PURPLE RAIN TRIBUTE SCREENING // Sunday 7.30pm, The Capitol.

We’re not over it yet either. So go along to this tribute screening and cry with doves in the dark. More info here.


London-based part-Kiwi band, The Veils, have new single called AXOLOTL and it’s loud and great. We are totally allowed to claim them for our own. They are rad.

SEE TICKLED THE MOVIE // Rialto Newmarket, so many times.

Kiwi journalists fall down a competitive tickling rabbit hole and it gets really weird and disturbing and insane. This is the little doco that’s taking the world by storm. You don’t get to bathe in the reflected glory unless you’ve seen it. Here are some screening times.

Be warm! Be happy! Eat! Drink! Hang out with people you like! Read a good book! Make soup! Don’t worry so much! Everything is going to be okay!