street ARTdego at Late Night Art

ArtDego2016 has now sold out, but don’t despair. This year we’ve created a second event as our first official inclusion in the wonderful ArtWeek programme, and we’re excited to bring you streetARTdego thanks to Heart of the City, as part of Late Night Art on Wednesday 12 October.

Late Night Art is an annual event that sees galleries all over Auckland stay open, and a programme of free art and performance for all to enjoy. There are strange and wonderful art happenings occurring all across the city on Wednesday night. See all of the details here:

At streetARTdego, we’ve adapted the ArtDego concept to pair five of the city’s best street food vendors with renowned artists. Five art works/performances have inspired five street food dishes which are available to purchase on the night. The art and food will unfold in Te Ha o Hine Place, Khartoum Place, and at our home, the Auckland Art Gallery. The gallery will play host to the ArtDego bar, and the Walters Prize exhibition will be open for your viewing pleasure.

Temaki Truck and Tiffany Singh

Begin in Lower Khartoum Place, where Temaki Truck owners Rodrigo Maia and Jenny Kwon collaborate with Tiffany Singh, multi-disciplinary artist. Their feast is centered on reciprocation and sharing and will showcase both Asian and Brazilian flavours through their iconic temaki – or Brazilian sushi rolls. This is a generosity project, inviting guests around the table to consider those less fortunate. Tiffany’s work Don’t miss all the beautiful colours of the rainbow looking for that pot of gold (2013) will be exhibited in Te Ha O Hine Place (formerly lower Khartoum), inviting viewers to participate in a collective healing, meditative space. Also during Late Night Art, Tiffany has curated a second show where the public can swap a 450g tin of salmon (protein-rich food is in demand at Auckland’s City Mission) for an organic beeswax artwork. Find her at St Matthew’s in the City from 5pm-9pm.


Coreano and Kerry Ann Lee

Next door to Temaki Truck, artist Kerry Ann Lee presents her work, How Can You Spit on a Smiling Face? (2016), utilising images from the Mexican and Korean revolutions, which will be projected onto the buildings of Te Ha O Hine Place. In the words of the artist,

“The work pairs ‘lyrical flotsam’ with ‘pictorial jetsam’ comprising of song excerpts from 1980s Mexican anarchist punk bands, with found images from Korea and Mexico – power words and sticky pictures transmitted across the Pacific through records, letters, postcards and online. Initiated while in Mexico, this long-distance collaboration with Coreano seemed fitting while I was digging around various official and unofficial archives, going to punk shows, fleamarkets and eating tacos. From Steven, I learned about the origins of Korean-Mexican food in LA, and more obscure aspects of Korean culture (like the weird belief that if you leave the fan on over night you die). While Coreano brings a new Korean take on traditional Mexican food, I attempted to take a similar approach with the artwork outside of the box and onto the street.”


Kraken Crumpets and Mark Harvey

Kraken Crumpets and Mark Harvey join forces to bring us a political movement unfolding as a performance art piece centering on the colour turquoise. Drawing on Mark’s work Turquoisation for the coming storm (2016), Mark and Hamish and Amy from Kraken will convert you to their way of thinking through surprise performance and natural blue food colouring. It will probably be weird.

The Pie Piper and Nathan Pohio

Danielle and Suzanne, the mother and daughter duo behind The Pie Piper’s dreamy American sweet pies have worked with Walters Prize Nominee Nathan Pohio to make a dessert that reflects his work, Raise the anchor, unfurl the sails, set course to the centre of an ever setting sun! (2015). If you’ve been passed the gallery lately, you can’t miss it, it’s the huge billboard-sized image in the Art Gallery forecourt, and here is the Pie Piper’s response, a sweet golden kumara kawakawa pie.


Judge Bao and Pacific Heights

The evening ends with a free performance by Wellington-based electronic artist Pacific Heights, who will be performing tracks from their 2016 album, The Stillness. The album was a response to artist Devin Abrams departure from Shapeshifter. Debbie and Jamie from Judge Bao have interpreted the album with their own very special ‘comfort bao’. It has fried chicken in it, hearts-for-eyes

Please note: Pacific Heights start promptly at 8pm in the Auckland Art Gallery Gallery atrium and the event will run on a first come, first served basis and is subject to a limited capacity.

The Auckland Art Gallery will also play host to the ArtDego bar, representing some of the wonderful sponsors from ArtDego2016 including Nautilus Estate, Brick Bay, Seresin, Antipodes Water and Rogue Society.

At every streetARTdego stall, there will be an opportunity to add a donation to the cost of your food. Money will be gathered at the end of the night and profits will fund a meal cooked by the vendors for those in need. You will also be able to donate $65 at St Matthew’s to feed a family of four for four days, or $23 to buy one person a food parcel.

streetARTdego is brought to you by gather & hunt with the support of Heart of the City as part of the ArtWeek2016 programme. We also would like to thank our venue partner, the Auckland Art Gallery. We really appreciate the continued support of these three organisations for our mad ideas. 

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