Tell Me More // The Green Effect

One of the funniest things I saw at the Comedy Festival last year was The Green Effect, held at 5.30 every night in the Monte Cristo Room, with a different panel of comedians, a different set of problems to solve, and a different set of disastrous, hilarious solutions. The show is back from the 1-5 March at The Basement, and its creator, Brendon Green, has a few new tricks up his sleeve.

What is The Green Effect?
The Green Effect is a live on stage think tank featuring NZ’s sharpest comedy minds forming a brain trust to develop absurd solutions to world problems. Is that high brow enough? Because we’re aiming for high brow. It’s the funniest people in NZ being given a topic to dissect in any direction they choose.

Why/How did you come up with the idea?
I wanted a way to showcase the different skills of stand up comedians. If you put comics together with a premise and let them go for it, an audience gets to see some pure creativity occurring that also happens to be hilarious. Plus I genuinely want to help make the world a better place, but I’m not an expert in anything actually helpful, so I figured I’d just do it with jokes.

What’s the weirdest thing that happened at The Green Effect last year?
I found out a lot of my friends want to rule the world as a Dictatorship. I knew comics were egotistical, but that just started getting scary.

Also one show devolved into a crowd-wide feminist chant which was actually really heartwarming and special, not weird.

What was the best result/answer to a world problem that you came up with?
My personal favourite solutions were to end all conflict in the world by artificially adjusting the climate of earth to an even 19 degrees celsius, because you can’t get angry at a nice temperature (Tom Furniss), and also we can end world hunger by eating Bees (Jon Bennett, with a lot of background into why that answer was genius).

Every show has multiple solutions to some pretty big problems, and they all have their unique charms.

What do you have planned this time around that’s different?
This time around it’s going to be a bit more competitive between the comedians. The goal of helping the world is still #1, but the goal of winning the show on the night has been escalated.

Plus I have a protégé helping me out this time, so I don’t have to do so much admin during the show. I’m personally very much looking forward to that.

Why should we come?
Because you love to laugh and also care about the world! It’s two of your favourite things combined by the funniest people in your country!

Find out all the details, including the line-up for each night, here.