gather & hunt is an online directory, magazine and event guide about this surprisingly sweet place we live in: Auckland city.
We’ve compiled a searchable database of our favourite places to eat, drink, look and play around town, it’s called the gather & hunt directory. Have a browse, you might find something new.
We’re big fans of chatting to interesting people who are doing interesting things. We write the stuff down and put it into our stories section. Take a look, have a read, roll your eyes and smile (maybe).


We know better than anyone that boredom can be a problem in modern life, so we made an event guide to keep up with what’s going on (and to let us know what we could be doing).




A cheerful hole-in-the wall cafe serving delicious bagels, treats from Scratch Bakers and Atomic coffee
A sweet little cake and coffee shop where you can give in to temptation without the post-treat guilt
A tiny, bright take-away spot serving delicious báhn mì, made as you order from fresh bread and hand-picked herbs.
A surprisingly spacious inner-city escape serving food and drinks exciting enough to brighten any morning, afternoon or night
A traditional Israeli deli filled with cheeses, cured meats, dips and a wonderful Tel Aviv-style breakfast menu
An urban refuge in which you can sip on Kokako Organic coffee and eat a beautiful meal all with a view of the busy world below
A cosy local wine bar with a lovely wine list and delicious, simple French menu featuring the best local ingredients
A simple, welcoming restaurant serving some of the best ramen in town
A specialty food store and cafe serving fresh salads and tasty dishes for breakfast and lunch alongside Kokako Coffee and Nice Blocks
A summery, modern eatery hidden in the Meadowbank shops with fresh produce delivered each day from its own farm
A spacious cafe right out in the suburbs serving casual French-inspired cuisine and Supreme coffee
A casual bar on an unlikely corner in suburbia, serving cold beers and Gua Bao and spilling all the good vibes right out onto the street
A gorgeous casual bistro with a delicious shared menu and great service, coming here feels like going on holiday
A spacious, cool spot with a fast, wholefoods menu that's designed for busy people in need of sustenance
A warm, friendly neighbourhood bar and restaurant with a great wine list and a menu filled with heart, comforting fare
A spacious concept store with local and international fashion brands, homewares, locally roasted coffee and tokyobikes
A lovely, warm neighbourhood restaurant with hearty comfort food designed for long, lingering meals
A waterfront institution that's serving up a menu that's focussed on health and well-being as well as deliciousness
A cheery street stall offering traditional Leige and Belgian waffles with indulgent toppings, and eighthirty coffee
A joyous, fun casual eatery specialising in free range rotisserie chicken served in a multitude of ways. It's family friendly too.
A very special food store with a rotating menu of hearty, homemade takeaway evening meals, sides, salads and desserts
A Newmarket version of Al Brown's beloved institution, serving freshly made bagels and Havana coffee
A lovely little cafe with simple, well-made sandwiches and Best Ugly bagels, and great Kokako Organic coffee
A sleek yet casual contemporary Indian restaurant created by one of the city's most celebrated chefs
A fun, neighbourly cafe with a south-east Asian influenced menu, amazing donuts and Kokako Organic coffee
A gorgeous local bar with boutique wines, craft beers, tapas and a piano sitting quietly in one corner
A surprise in a sea of concrete, this crisp, bach-like cafe has a familiar yet still surprising menu and Millers coffee
A spacious, welcoming cafe with a huge menu, amazing waffles and Supreme coffee
A beautiful, modern space with an innovative cafe menu inspired by the food of Laos
A no frills burger joint offering made-to-order burgers using local ingredients for a stupidly cheap price
A picturesque little laneway cafe with delicious, nourishing wholefoods fare and Supreme Coffee
A not-for-profit cafe run by the local community serving fairtrade People Coffee, delicious sandwiches and baked treats
A family-friendly craft brewery and restaurant, serving delicious healthy but fast food
A lofty, light cafe with views over St Patrick's Square, incredible gourmet pies and eighthirty coffee
A gallery, cafe, studio and workspace with a hearty menu,great cabinet food and Brazil coffee
A little, loud, fun restaurant serving simply perfect burgers using local, fresh ingredients
A stylish, light-filled neighbourhood bistro with hearty, fresh and seasonal dishes
A spacious patisserie and cafe with delicate artisan French-style desserts and a small blackboard menu
A crisp, beautiful modern apothecary and health clinic with a focus on natural health and beauty products
A crisp, friendly cafe with brilliant coffee, a seasonal menu, and heaps of space to work or chat in
Another world in the heart of the city, with an innovative menu and lovely coffee
A warm, welcoming Italian bistro in a sparkling hotel lobby that serves exceptional, theatrical food
A sophisticated toybox of a cafe with some of the most unusual flavour combinations in town
A perfectly formed cafe and bagelry that's exactly what it says it is, with a few surprises thrown in
A friendly corner store and cafe with Allpress coffee, homemade milkshake syrups and great sandwiches
A bright food bar filled with crispy, delicious pies, fresh salads and donuts all made with care on site
A store and studio filled with makers of beautiful things from handbags to cushions and chocolate
A simple, authentic restaurant serving wonderful, affordable Vietnamese food that's worth the trip
A tiny, awesome espresso bar and cronut purveyor tucked down a sweet lane in the CBD
A design focused café with one of the most original menus in Auckland
A welcoming local restaurant with truly delicious and intriguing dishes and a great wine list
A cafe and shop filled with carefully curated, beautiful things to eat, drink and buy from the team at Coffee Supreme
An inspiring studio concept that includes a hair salon and an art gallery in one
A central outpost for all things Collective Dairy, from fro-yo to strained Greek, creaming sodas and parfaits
A glittering treasure trove of a store that's well worth putting some time aside to explore.
A roomy, fun cafe with a generous, fresh menu and a whole lot of heart
A spacious, stylish Japanese robata restaurant with brilliant food that offers more than a few surprises
A chic salon filled with a friendly, passionate team who really know their stuff
Shelves filled with everyday objects from all over the world that double up as pieces of art.
A colourful, friendly southern style restaurant with tasty, well-priced food and a great cocktail menu
A sleek, character-filled event space in a beautiful heritage building at the heart of Britomart
A market on the weekends that turns into a wonderful, cosy French bistro from Wednesday - Friday
A friendly spot with delicious salads, Three Beans coffee and incredible baking from Scratch
A minimalistic, well-designed hair salon with family history and heart
A luxurious fine dining restaurant by Peter Gordon on the 53rd level of Auckland's iconic Sky Tower
A beloved neighbourhood restaurant that serves some of the best Indian food in town
A tucked away boutique with dresses in every colour of the brightest rainbow
A casual Italian restaurant specialising in handmade Polpette (meatballs), with a menu created by celebrated chef Ben Bayly
One of the most authentic Italians in the city, perfect for large groups and long lunches.
A bright New York Jewish style delicatessen with authenticity and personality in abundance.
A corner coffee shop with a bright yellow coffee machine, Supreme coffee and perfect lunch treats
A delightfully simple space where the passion for raw, organic, creative and delicious food is contagious
A theatre, cafe and bar that's become a buzzing hub for performing arts in Auckland
A spacious, friendly space for enthusiasts to drink and learn about unique, locally roasted and ethically sourced coffee
A friendly, casual eatery with simple, unfussy dishes, a great wine list and craft beer on tap
An intimate, purpose built gallery where you will find a quality selection of contemporary and historical New Zealand art.
An unnassuming gallery for all those seeking some serious cultural indulgence.
A beautiful event space beneath the oldest theatre in its style in Australasia
A fun, hot little number puts its own spin on Southeast Asian favourites and encourages the spirit of sharing.
A sleek, effortless café-bistro-restaurant serving up classic French dishes
A sweet-natured café with a neighbourhood feel and a bright, colourful outlook.
An unassuming but well-loved eatery jam-packed with people and flavour.
A family-owned and run vineyard and restaurant with one of the most stunning views on the Island
An elegant dining establishment offering contemporary food in a stylish, intimate setting.
A small, beautiful espresso bar at the bar with a stunning fit out and freshly made pastry and sandwiches
A contemporary gallery housed within a beautiful heritage building, not far from the University.
An Asia-Pacific style restaurant and a contemporary Chinese menu, with some of the friendliest staff in the town.
A simple, industrial space filled with some of the most innovative and delicious baked goods in town
A gorgeous, pint-sized cafe with filter coffee, incredible sandwiches and a sweet mezzanine
A pocket of sunshine, filled with thoughtfully curated clothes and accessories for men and women
A spacious, light specialty coffee roastery and art gallery hidden at one end of an unlikely arcade
A popular Takapuna cafe beside Hurstmere Green. Order the signature eggs. Just do!
A busy, spacious garage space serving delicious, healthy versions of burgers, chips and hot dogs. Yes, really.
A hidden, surprising Japanese inspired restaurant where the food is an entertainment certain to make you smile
Vintage-inspired, eco-friendly, local and fairtrade, this spacious cafe is a favourite with new suburbanites
A tiny, cocoon-like wonderland filled with the most perfect, stunning desserts you can possibly imagine
A cafe which matches the whoopie pie in joyous personality
A casual American eatery brimming with fun, that's open later than most.
A spacious cafe with a beautiful interior, a lengthy menu and a penchant for making delicious waffles
A hallowed sports ground that's witnessed many epic moments in our nation's sporting history
A cafe and bagelry serving soft, delightfully chewy Montreal-style bagels with incredible toppings
A gorgeous, green and light-filled cafe with Three Beans coffee and jaffles
A wonderfully warm, generous cafe with a great Kiwi menu and friendly staff
A friendly beach side cafe with famous pizzas and ice cream and a beautiful view
A spaicious, light bakery and cafe serving delicious german-style bread that you'll become addicted to
A bustling deli and cafe with a huge selection of fresh sandwiches and salads, and an extensive brunch menu
A casual Californian-style restaurant and bar with an approachable and affordable menu
A hidden store filled with one-off designed furniture inspired by the owners' collection of industrial artifacts
A beautiful all day bistro serving incredible European-inspired seasonal dishes that you won't forget
A cool neighborhood coffee brew bar offering beans from five different roasters, making use of every brewing method imaginable.
An independent record store with a courtyard cafe hidden out the back
A breezy cafe with a great all day menu, a cabinet filled with freshness, Kapiti ice cream and Supreme coffee
A food store filled with an incredible array of lunch options, a diner with a casual menu, and a wine bar at night
An effortless, casual all-day bistro where the perfection of each detail turns your visit into a delicious, dreamy experience
An organic german bakery with every style of bread and pastry you can imagine, and baguettes and quiches too.
An interactive waterfront museum concerned with the nation's seaside history, free for Aucklanders
A Japanese shochu bar with intriguing cocktails, delicious shared plates and a range of ice creams
A book store and office for the ladies behind Beatnik Publishing, they sell Nice Blocks here too!
Less of a bar, more of a den, with beers brewed on site in every flavour of the rainbow
A simple espresso bar and roastery serving Three Beans unique blends as well as single origin and cold drip brews
An airy, friendly cafe with a great menu, Three Beans coffee and plenty of seating room
A beautiful eatery in the country where the food is as lovely as the scenery.
A simple, friendly neighbourhood cafe where attention is paid to all the details.
A breezy consignment store selling clothes, jewellery, art and bric-a-brac.
A bright beachside cafe that's like stepping into a holiday.
A fascinating place in which to learn about the night sky, the solar system. Much more entertaining than it sounds.
A giant cafe catering to corporates that still manages to be warm, friendly and innovative
A hole-in-the-wall with frozen yoghurt treats, eighthirty coffee and the best, healthy breakfast on the run in the CBD
A narrow, beloved local bar with creative mixologists to pour your heart out to.
A lovely light-filled deli and cafe with a hearty, comforting menu and cute kid-friendly touches.
A pretty blow wave and tea bar selling T2 concoctions and sweet treats to munch on while you are beautified.
A tiny, friendly spot with giant, exciting cookies in big glass jars, Supreme coffee and milkshakes
A cabin-like restaurant in the midst of a forest, serving tasty, seasonal dishes.
A tiny, busy and basic restaurant serving spicy Sichuan-style noodles and dumplings
A narrow, food-filled alley with a huge range of cuisines on offer for very low prices
An inner city oasis complete with public art, a terraced waterfall and plenty of spots to sit in the sun
An old-school low key bakery in which it's easy to find lunch for less than five bucks
An unassuming street-side bistro serving seasonal dishes of consistent quality
A friendly local for coffee, pizza and free-range rotisserie chooks made to order
Auckland's finest pub, in our opinion.
A unique, innovative family-run restaurant specialising in game food and good chat
An organic raw food wonderland where the food is brightly coloured and more delicious than you can imagine
A stylish Vietnamese-style bar and eatery with distinct east-meets-west designs.
A warehouse selling boutique beer on tap by the litre or the keg.
A stylish eating house offering different styles of dining from lunch until late.
A word-of-mouth gem where you'll find giant, comforting bowls of fresh noodles in thick, hearty stock
A workshop and showroom space for Celine's romantic, timeless designs.
A category-defying space where you can see art and design in real life and in books
A t-shirt, sweats and hoodie store that's got your basics covered.
A hole-in-the-wall cafe that'll add just the right amount of happy to your day.
A nostalgic little tearoom in the heart of modern Ponsonby.
A surprising restaurant that will send you on an unexpectedly enjoyable dining adventure.
A beautiful, lofty and quiet living room in the bustling heart of the city
A beautiful lightbox of an espresso bar brewing coffee that tells a story
A suburban cocktail bar in the lofty, marble-chipped lobby of an abandoned cinema
A sophisticated bar and eatery with an impressive shared plates and a la carte menu.
Extra fresh, feel-good food and eighthirty coffee in a design-lovers wonderland
A spacious, light bakery and cafe where you'll find the love is in the detail
A three-level booklover's paradise housing over 90,000 books on every topic imaginable
A historic homestead housing an incredible collection of contemporary NZ art
An unexpected and sweet retro hideaway filled with the aroma of freshly baked cupcakes
A warm bistro offering traditional meditteranean and Israeli cuisine for lunch and dinner.
A no fuss plastic plate restaurant serving incredible steamed dumplings you'll go back for again and again
A renovated industrial garage with an open kitchen and a great breakfast-brunch-lunch menu
A restaurant that's perfected the art of tapas, and has the perfect wine to go with them.
A little Malaysian-flavoured diamond in the K Road rough.
A beautiful, bright space filled with stunning design objects and party accessories
A gourmet food store and source of culinary inspiration that champions local, artisan produce
A stunning french patisserie with sweet french pastry treats that look and taste beautiful.
A consistent neighbourhood local with an ever-changing menu and a great wine list.
For food that's fast, fresh and comes with an optional side of potato koftas (as opposed to guilt).
An all-day bistro serving incredibly fresh and heartfelt food with laid back warmth and old-fashioned friendliness.
A split-level, spacious neighbourhood cafe serving amazing eighthirty coffee
A roastery, cafe and brew bar roasting up all kinds of delicious.
A gourmet food court that's perfect for large groups or a quick bit before a show.
A simple yet amazing Auckland institution that's been serving delicious chawarma and felafel for decades.
A hidden refuge with an open fire, a beautiful, casual menu and some of the most hospitable staff in town
A popular local bistro with luminous spaces and dishes that have become neighbourhood favourites
A place to find a healthy fast meal - free range rotisserie chooks, amazing salads, burgers and sandwiches
A boutique roastery dedicated to making coffee that's incredible and sustainable at the same time.
An edgy yet inviting store filled with Maiike's beautiful layered pieces and warming knits plus a careful selection of other NZ designers.
A secret white-bricked space tucked away on the fourth floor of an incredible, narrow building on High Street
A pocket-sized wonderland filled with whoopie cakes in amazing flavours and Italian hot chocolate.
A mysterious mix between store and gallery, fashion and art.
The flagship store for the popular I Love Ugly brand; specialists in simple, clean lines and sweet graphic prints.
A friendly neighbourhood cafe reknowned for its consistent goodness
An unassuming spot where you'll find Japanese fine dining perfection
A cool, health-conscious laneway cafe by day and a romantic tapas bar by night. With mighty fine hot dogs.
A beautiful grassy space perched at the end of Point Chev with a truly amazing playground and beach access
A place filled with energy, tequila and soft-shelled tacos that will make you feel as if anything is possible.
A bright, friendly corner cafe with organic, locally sourced goodness and incredible coffee.
A beautiful restaurant and bar with a genius Japanese Izakaya menu, perfect for Friday drinks
A tiny corner bar serving the best traditional cocktails in town.
A cool shop with cool stuff for cool folk like you.
A little shop full of the romance and nostalgia of all things handwritten.
A hidden wee bar with a cool, relaxed interior and decor and food that's inspired by a Mexican wrestling style.
A cosy log cabin of a store stocking sustainable clothing and footwear and supporting the local community.
An organic, natural, sustainable haven of goodness and a foodstore for trick and picky eaters.
A delicious taste of the Caribbean right in the hidden heart of Auckland city.
A cafe and roastery producing some of the most amazing coffee you'll ever try in one of the coolest spaces you'll ever see.
A cosy tapas bar serving authentic spanish dishes that'll impress your friends and your tastebuds.
A light and hidden store for skating enthusisasts and wearers of sweet streetwear.
A stunning building in a stunning place filled with history, beauty and memories.
A tasteful monochramatic haven offering one of the most memorable fine dining experiences in the city.
A celebrated and zen-like Japanese restaurant serving izakaya style cuisine that's great to share
A hidden yet famous spot serving the most delicious Mexican food imaginable in a small and very very busy space.
A sleek and quiet cafe with quirky food and amazing light-fittings.
A lovely long stretch of beach to run or stroll or play on.
An epic, hilly, tree-lined space with glorious trees, gambolling lambs and a rich history.
A tranquil space where you'll find timeless pieces that you'll wear over and over again
A simple, unassuming and approachable space where you'll see a huge variety of works
A cosy and unexpected cafe with wizards in its kitchen and a big heart on its sleeve.
A light-filled sanctuary where you'll find coffee, fresh juice and upside-down hanging plants.
A gorgeous wee bay and reserve with views of the city, boardwalks and sports fields aplenty.
A gorgeous vintage store filled with quirky internationally sourced pieces at incredible prices.
An epic and stunning gallery that showcases the best of New Zealand art and history.
A stylish and unforgettable addition to the Westmere shops; you'll feel more beautiful after eating here.
A beautiful land of ice-creamery goodness with freshly made waffle cones.
An dark and mysterious bar in an unassuming spot with over eighty wines available by the glass.
An idyllic seaside spot for picnicking, playing or simply soaking up the sun.
A beautiful reserve with an intriguing military history and a stunning outlook.
A unique voice in New Zealand fashion, come here to find a well-made, timeless piece you'll treasure.
A reclaimed public space with an epic playground, an industrial heritage and lovely views of the harbour.
A great big bar with three distinctive spaces to party the night away in.
A busy yet tranquil haven from the bustling street outside.
A small and thoughtful restaurant with an impeccable wine list to match the impeccable food.
An endless subterranean cavern of delights, perfect for costumes and bargain-hunting.
A spacious and light store filled with the distinctive pieces by the iconic Australian design-duo.
A hidden expansive space in Grey Lynn filled with stunning french antiques
A tiny treasure of a store filled with beautiful, unique and surprisingly affordable pieces.
A modern urban space in which an English summer reigns all year round.
A hair-raising, hilarious bar where you'll run into old friends and make new ones while dancing like a maniac.
A chaotic Chinese restaurant with an awesome BYO policy and fresh, generous and tasty food.
A modern and classy bar in what used to be an inner city car park that's taking simplicity and effectiveness to new heights.
A spacious, warm and friendly haven for everyone to relax and unwind in.
A place of loftiness, light and food so good each dish will have a halo in your memory.
A gorgeous, bright boutique selling local craft, prints, jewellery, clothing and vintage pieces, and organic tea as well!
An elegant fine dining sanctuary where you'll experience spectacular food and beautiful wine.
A French escape for a fraction of the price - indulge yourself with some of the gourmet deli delights you'll find here.
A place to go if you're serious about good coffee.
A haven of library-quality silence in a semi-subterranean spot.
A food lover's paradise - particularly for organic and fair trade hunters, and those with special diets.
A vast yet hidden green space with plenty of shady spots and lovely views of the city skyline.
A calm and dreamy beachside spot, Tamaki Drive's quieter alternative.
A spacious and light independent bookstore with something for everyone.
A sweet little place serving delicious homemade baked goods with Supreme coffee.
A cosy Japanese restaurant serving perfect sushi and sashimi with an extensive sake list.
A restaurant with a personality of its own offering a fresh twist on Thai food, and amazing cocktails.
A busy tapas bar that will transport you to sunny Spain the minute you set foot inside.
A hidden wee coffee bar serving a consistently amazing brew and delicious treats made fresh on-site.
A thin sliver of a cafe serving up surprising, generous food in an unassuming and friendly way.
A cafe and french market that's filled with foodie options to eat there or take home for later.
A dimly lit living room with distressed wallpaper, fairy lights and an extensive wine list.
A secret space of light and baked goodness on Dominion Road.
A friendly cafe with incredible sticky sweet brioche. Stop there and try it. You must.
A fresh and delicious spot hidden away in leafy Remuera.
A pretty spot with pretty chairs, pretty cakes beneath pretty glass domes, and a very pretty view.
A bustling deli and cafe with some of the best-looking ready-to-eat food in the entire city.
A buzzing cafe that's a favourite with locals; you'll fall for the view and the food.
A vast yet cosy bar that's sure to start your weekend off right.
A seaside escape, you'll feel miles away from the city.
A park that shows Auckland at it's best, the perfect spot for a picnic on a sunny day.
A park in which kids learn to ride bicycles and swing cricket bats.
A large flat park with excellent paths for walking or running.
A volcano that will reward your exertion with beautiful views.
A historic and beautifully maintained park where university students go to think, read, laugh and play.
An inner city green place to rest, play, explore, learn and relax.
A stark stylish Japanese restaurant in which you can gracefully over-indulge.
A place to find a new beauty for your wardrobe, or just to browse the racks and sigh.
A famous yet hidden store filled with inspirational pieces that are essential to your continued existence.
A collaborative concept store that's one of the most beautiful and inspiring places in the entire city.
A store beneath a striped awning offering a tempting selection of fresh bread, coffee and ice cream.
A cosy and secretive but not so secret bar on an unassuming corner of Ponsonby Road.
A place to get lost in the glossy wonders of the world.
A bright and modern haven to French cuisine in the Britomart precinct. Go there now.
A perfect park for cricket, picnics, or a bit of quiet time, plus there's a stunning view too.
A busy Ponsonby cafe that truly deserves its popularity.
A leafy pocket-sized cafe with Supreme coffee, homemade soda syrups and excellent sandwiches.
An unpretentious, airy cafe serving all your old favourites with a fresh twist.
A cafe and french grocer selling the best pain au chocolat in the Southern Hemisphere. Arguably.
A local that's so welcoming even non-locals feel at home.
A perfect spot from which to watch the sunset over Jervois Road on a sunny afternoon.
A shrine to all that is fresh, organic and delicious in this city.
A gallery with a serious reputation - it's always worth popping in for a look around.
A community-run space showing works that blur the lines between craft, fine art, jewellery, furniture and fashion.
A beautiful blank space on K Road, pop in and find some pretty thought-provoking works.
A perfect gallery to meander around one afternoon, you might find something seriously beautiful to take home with you.
A top gallery to visit, both conceptually and experientially.
A slightly intimidating gallery that's worth the effort.
A non-profit artist-run space that will challenge you conceptually, visually and emotionally.
An unashamedly casual and busy cantina serving delicious seasonal food that'll leave you wanting more.
An airy, billowy gallery with a stunning view and stunning art from some of the country's most well-known names.
A large and approachable space where you'll find a good mix of established artists and fresh talent.
A space where your perception of what is precious will be challenged.
A gallery showing impressive contemporary works paired with richly historical pieces.
An approachable gallery with a knack for picking artists poised on the brink of greatness.
An echoing space that's hard to find but worth the hunt.
A space offering objects that cross boundaries between the world of art and the world of reality and functionality.
A hidden, half-forgotten tropical oasis in the heart of the CBD.
A bookshop that'll expand your mind and steal your heart.
A pair of fashion recycle stores for those of you love designer clothes but don't always have the budget for them.
A couple of stores in which you'll find cool things that you'll want really badly. Simple.
A place to go for inspiration, and really nice things.
A place to go if you're an aspiring master chef, after all, you can't expect results without the right equipment.
A grungy glamorous store filled with amazing things to drape yourself in.
A gorgeous boutique from a designer who combines simplicity, femininity and practicality to great effect.
An attic-like world filled with beautiful things you'll convince yourself you need.
A lovely light-filled store that proves beautiful things can come in tiny packages.
A jewel of a store specialising in extra special and rare objects to adorn your life with.
A booklover's living room, except you can take one (or two) away with you when you leave.
A cosy hideaway in the depths of St Kevins Arcade where wine flows like water, and good conversation follows.
A family run restaurant serving what just might be the best curry in town...
A welcoming fine dining restaurant serving beautiful, seasonal dishes that you'll savour for hours afterward
An underground Japanese gem that's perfect for a quick meal before a show or movie.
A local favourite that's been around forever for one reason; it's consistently great.
A cafe that's so bright and positive and delicious you'll leave feeling as if you could take over the world.
A BYO restaurant that dares you to step off the tourist path and experience the delights of Southern Indian cusine.
A perpetually bustling cafe serving seasonal food in a relaxed space.
A feast for your tastebuds and your eyes, this cafe is a hidden jewel in Freeman's Bay.
A friendly, reliable Auckland institution that never fails to hit the spot.
If there is a baking heaven it will look exactly like this.
A casual, comfortable spot that you can't go past without wanting to stop and have a beer in the sun.
A neighbourhood cafe and bar that serves excellent bistro fare using local produce alongside local wines
An eccentric, hilarious delicious restaurant serving modern asian cuisine with a sense of humour
A wonderland of sweetness and light, the perfect spot to go when you're at a loose end and need some inspiration
A casual restaurant serving contemporary Asian cuisine within sight of Auckland Museum.
A beautiful space with living green walls, colour breakfast and lunch options and epic milkshakes
A hidden gem for Supreme Coffee and National Geographic lovers.
A restaurant that has set the bar for fine dining in Auckland city.
A cosy bar with delicious tapas and a colossal wine list.
A park for the suburban family complete with a paddling pool, a flying fox, and a skateboard ramp
A secret green heart in Auckland city; a place to sit and look and watch and wait.
A vast park with meandering boardwalks, mangrove swamps, secret pathways and stunning views.
An airy Vietnamese wonderland with some of the brightest, happiest food you'll ever eat.
Herne Bay institution that's perfect for weekend brunch, right through to a celebratory dinner.
A laid back and friendly spot with stunning views of downtown Auckland.

Latest Content


I don't go to see the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra very often, and judging by the rest of the audience at the Auckland Town Hall on Wednesday, that's a norm for my age. I think perhaps it's time to shift that norm though, because it was the most fascinating evening, so heavy with tradition and ceremony and talent. 


As soon I opened up Hīkoi's programme I was treated to a history lesson. Despite high school trips to the Bay of Islands to look at old-fashioned tanneries and printing presses, this programme contained more relevant and important information than I was ever taught in history class - it retraced the steps towards Te Reo Māori being recognised as an official language of NZ. Since high school I can thank the internet and the odd lecturer for my increased understanding of NZ's past, but I can't help but wonder, why isn't this information common knowledge?


LIMBO comes to town all a-sizzle after sensational sell-out seasons at London's Southbank and the Sydney Festival.

Taking sexy bravado to dizzying new heights, this circus-cabaret, directed by Scott Maidment, is wild, wicked and out of this world. In it there's gut-churning aerial acrobatics, hand-over-mouth contortion, mind-boggling illusions and fiery flames hot from Dante's inferno. A rambunctious live band led by Sxip Shirey dishes out devilish electronica beats on brass, harmonica and concertina - the perfect live soundtrack for some other-worldly circus antics.


Powerful, immersive and visionary, I AM is the latest internationally acclaimed creation from MAU and the brilliant artistic mind of Samoan-New Zealand director, Lemi Ponifasio.

I AM questions our humanity, faith and redemption. Colin McCahon's expressive painting victory over death 2 (1970) dominates the work. Frighteningly beautiful projections loom large behind the performers. I AM is hypnotic and spectacularly lit by Helen Todd.


Situated on Mt Albert road, Alberton is one of Auckland's finest historic buildings. The home of prominent colonial family - the Kerr Taylors - for over 100 years, it is an 1863, eighteen room, timber mansion with grand, Indian influenced verandahs and turrets.

Renowned in the 19th century for its balls, hunts, garden parties and music, the house is now managed by Heritage New Zealand and open to the public 5 days a week.


There's only one measly sleep until Auckland University is again filled with its usual inhabitants - lengthy lectures and caffeine-powered students - but over the last couple of weeks the grounds has been the scene of something decidedly more fun. The 52nd season of Summer Shakespeare has set up shop on campus and


There are two wonderful plays happening as part of the Lantern and Fringe festivals right now. The Two Farting Sisters is told with the help of puppets and silhouettes and is about a girl whose magic farts make headlines as they drift throughout the country, spreading happiness and help to those in need. There's live music played throughout it and you'll leave the theatre with confetti in your hair.


Throughout my life, I have never really thought a lot about buckets. The plastic vessels didn’t exactly intrigue me, nor did I ever really need them. But then, it’s always the seemingly simple things that carry the most magic. 

For doe-eyed Bucket, his whole life had revolved around the object of his very name, buckets. Upon losing his job at the bucket factory down the road, Bucket realised the single most beautiful part of his (wonderfully) simple life was the array of rainbow-hued plastic surrounding him.  

A cheerful hole-in-the wall cafe serving delicious bagels, treats from Scratch Bakers and Atomic coffee

Perched on Vulcan Lane Bagel's humble wee ledge waiting for our breakfast, we overheard the person at the counter point out that the small hole-in-the-wall cafe was "single-handedly brightening up the street". Admittedly, the speaker did seem to be friends with Ruben, the owner. But then again, even on your first visit, Ruben will treat you like an old friend. He's the best kind of friend you could ask for, really - one who also happens to have an endless supply of delicious bagels.